Kiosk menus can be confusing; adding conversational AI ensures customers won’t get frustrated and opt for a human or require employee guidance through the ordering process.

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Use Case

Voice ordering simplifies the entire ordering process from a kiosk →

Kiosks contains as many as 253,857 germ colonies.

(that's significantly more than an airplane bathroom)

Recent research study

Utilizing voice ordering in kiosks allows customers to avoid touching the screen, but still provides them with the benefit of the large screen, attractive images of food and support in up-selling customers additional menu items.

The Goal

The aim of kiosks is so the vast majority of orders inside a store won’t require human intervention.

The Challenge

For large portions of customers, especially those less digitally savvy, the kiosk experience can be overwhelming.

The Impact

Often this leads to customers wasting time or (even worse) abandoning carts due to being unable to find specific items.

Make your kiosks more effective with Valyant AI

Voice ordering for kiosks offers a superior experience for customers: speed, reliability, cleanliness & more.

Streamline kiosk ordering , free up labor, and deliver a superior customer experience.

Voice ordering simplifies the process of ordering from a kiosk and guarantees that customers are able to quickly and accurately find their favorite menu items, customize their preferences and submit orders, all without the staff support.

Upgrade your restaurant kiosks with microphone and speaker-enabled hardware to facilitate AI conversations.

Outside of those modifications, the integration process will work through a single application-programming-interface (API) call between your software provider and Valyant’s proprietary conversational AI software.

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