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Valyant’s patented drive thru AI automates the customer ordering process and delivers unprecedented operational efficiencies.

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Reduce Customer Wait Times

Benefits to drive thru AI include decreasing customer wait times by instantly taking customer orders when they pull up to the drive thru lane. Automating the order- taking process frees up employees to focus on food preparation, order accuracy and payment processing.

Increase Average Ticket

Valyant’s software gives your team ultimate control over the up-sell process. This includes A/ B testing multiple messages, when the message is delivered in the order and what factors to include when delivering an up- sell. Information Valyant can provide includes gender, age range, sentiment and decisiveness.

Mitigate Labor Shortages

Within the United States, an estimated 844,000 positions are unfilled within the hospitality industry. Quick serve restaurants are also dealing with average labor turnover between 100% and 150%. Drive thru AI can offset these challenges with reliable task automation around order taking.

Plug & Play

Valyant delivers all key elements any QSR requires for drive thru AI.

Our patented NX-1A™ hardware integrates directly with your existing headset systems, including the HME ION and EOS platforms and 3M / Par XT1 and G5.

Valyant's NX-1A™ hardware provides our AI a conduit to speak with your customers, all the while allowing your employees to follow the conversation. Furthermore, we integrate directly with your point-of-sale platforms including Aloha, Micros, Brink, Revel and many more options. This allows our platform to insert orders in under one second and guarantees no disruptions to your operations. Valyant's world class platform no longer requires any human-in-the-loop and offers the most advanced conversational AI available on the market.

In the Wild

Valyant AI was the first company to launch conversational AI into the QSR Industry. Our software has been in use for three years at restaurants like Checkers and Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard. We've learned a massive amount about customer preferences, employee interactions and how to create the best possible experience. We've captured all of this information in an easy to download case study.

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NX-1A™ Voice AI Hardware

Valyant's patented hardware, the NX-1A™ (short for neural exchange version one), is the QSR industry's first voice AI platform designed to automate taking orders.

Our integrations with the HME ION and EOS platforms and 3M / Par XT1 and G5 systems, ensures the fastest and most capable voice AI platform can be delivered to any restaurant, any time. Featuring an 8″ touch display, restaurant employees can monitor customer conversations, watch as orders are created and take control of the conversations in real time. With the NX-1A™, the future of restaurant automation is here.

  Click here to read more about our patent issued from the US Patent Office, 10,592,706

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